Kelly’s Sports is your home for all types of Girl Scout supplies, and Brownies are no exception. From the ubiquitous Brownie sash and the Brownie vest to the official Brownie Girl Scout membership pin and various patches, Kelly’s Sports has what your Brownie needs at great prices. Read More

The official Brownie uniform consists of a brown sash or vest that can be worn with a white shirt and khaki bottoms or with an official Girl Scout Brownie uniform. Kelly’s Sports carries several lengths of Brownie sash that Brownies can wear to display their earned patches, pins, and badges as well as fun patches. While some troops and members prefer the Brownie sash, others choose the Brownie vest, and Kelly’s Sports carries a variety of sizes to fit your particular Brownie.

Among the many patches that we carry is the Bridge to Brownie Girl Scouts Award patch. Earned by Brownies that complete a set of activities described in the Girl Scout handbooks, the Bridging Award patch is worn on the Brownie sash or vest directly under the Membership Stars.

In addition to the earned patches, Brownies can also collect fun participation patches that are typically displayed on the back of the Brownie sash. No matter what your Brownie needs from journey books and Handbook/ Badge Books, to Brownie Sash and vests, patches, and pins, Kelly’s Sports can help outfit them for their journey of discovery and fun.

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