Girl Scout Patches

Kelly’s Sports has a long-standing reputation for selling top-quality sports equipment at impressively low prices. Outside of athletic fields, they are also known for their great selection of official Girl Scout patches and Girl Scout uniforms. For over 35 years, Kelly’s has supported young female scouts of all ages, and continues to do so with their diverse online selection. Read More

A wide variety of Girl Scout patches are available for online ordering, ranging from the basic daisy petals to senior membership stars. Bridge patches, journey books and leader guides are also available to order along with your troop basics.

If you’re ready to order all of your Girl Scout supplies without spending a small fortune, Kelly’s Sports proudly supplies Girl Scout uniforms and accessories at a cost often more reasonable than competitor sites. Our staff understands the importance of earning Girl Scout patches and all the work that goes into such an endeavor – allow us to save your troop or personal family expense during a time that should be a celebration of achievement.

If you have struggled to find Girl Scout patches and Girl Scout uniforms at reasonable prices, or just haven’t found the selection you’re looking for, check in with our online site to see if your desired product is available.









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